KidsScience iPhone app a new way to learn science for K-12 kids

In today’s world, kids have access to all the technology gadgets of today such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and other devices. Kids spend a great amount of time playing games, browsing while using these devices. Could we use these devices while providing quality education to kids ?

It’s a challenge for parents to make use of these devices in a productive way for kids. With that in mind, Sprima has developed a number of educational applications such as “KidsScience” for K-12 kids. The app is mainly divided into 2 group of questions. One for elementary kids and one for high school kids. The questions are based on various states’ syllabuses. The app generates questions and let the kid select a correct answer. It provides immediate feedback, if the answer is correct or wrong. If the answer is wrong, it provides the correct answer. The app also keeps the time taken to solve the questions.

It’s a very simple app to keep kids engaged while learning social science, natural science and other artifacts of science.

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