How to create a new config Item in OTRS ?

The description below uses the OTRS version 3.1.1.

Here are the steps to create a new config Item  in OTRS.

  • 1. Go to “Admin” tab.
  • 2. Under “Ticket Settings” section, select “General Catalog”. It open up a new screen.
  • 3. Under “General Catalog Management” , from drop down select “ITSM::ConfigItem::Class” and Click “+ for Add Catalog Item”.
  • 4. Enter all the info ( Remember to enter permission = itsm-configitem ) and Click “Submit”.
  • 5. Now you can see the new “CI” if you go to “CMDB” tab from top.

A new “Config Item”  is created. You can verify the “Config Item” as it would be displayed under “CMDB” tab . Go to  the tab “CMDB” and click on “OverView”. You will see the new “Config Item” that you created.

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